Friday, February 3, 2012

TPT Piaggio Vespa S 150ie It Out

Although in some of Piaggio's dealer info Start Inden open to variant vespa s 150ie, but for us vespa s 150ie is still considered a rumor in the discourse. . . Proof if Piaggio Indonesia have already registered at the Ministry of Industry. . . and this indeed made ​​poorer by Piaggio Indonesia, TPT submissions on Piaggio Vespa S variants already out 150ie dah.
And of course, answer a few questions that have emerged that it would be nice if the Vespa S Piaggio 150ie Indonesia released to the Vespa LX series .entered 
vespa s 150ie has a lot of common with the Vespa LX series Pars. . . Body Mono why metal? (not plastic) from front to back and could be also a 150 cc engine injection. The difference is in the box headlamp lighting detail, detail 'tie front' and detail speedometer. If we can comment on, the vespa s 150ie feel more 'manly' in the appeal of the Vespa LX series, iw. . . hmmm, according to some unofficial info, Vespa S 150ie be priced a little difference with the price  Vespa LX 150ie . . . please comment and hopefully useful


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