Friday, February 3, 2012

Kawasaki The Fastest Motorcycle in the World

Kawasaki currently getting ready to launch one champion inmotor sport segment. Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, even the 2012 version of the ZZR1400 is claimed to be the fastest motorcycle in the world.

As is known, the Kawasaki ZZR1400 first attended in 2006.This time, the bike comes with a new engine with increasedcapacity from 1352 cc to 1441 cc. The maximum powerproduced 200 PS at 10,500 rpm.

Kawasaki stated motor power increased from 197horsepower to 207 horsepower. The maximum speed can be touched up to 300 km / h.

Kawasaki also made another change, namely the use offins on each side of the engine that helps remove heat fromthe rider and passenger. The design is made more robust, powerful, and aggressive.
ZZR1400 has brought the traction control with three modes.Starting from touring mode, the mode for ordinary roads,and the mode for bad road. Motor sport is also equipped with Antilock braking system Break System.


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