Sunday, February 19, 2012

Suzuki Swish , Suzuki Skutik Newest Superhero

Suzuki Swish , Suzuki Skutik Newest Superherout this is not a Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swish.
Return the newest product from Suzuki Suzuki Swish, a name that reminds us of the Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Swish This is the latest bike from Suzuki in India.

Suzuki Swish automatic transmission 125 is priced at 45 431 rupees.
This little scooter is reinforced with CVT engine 4-stroke 125 cc engine that can output 8.58 bhp power and torque of 9 Nm.

India has been styled scooter can be found throughout the showroom in India as reported by rushlane.

After a thorough MCEblog, Suzuki Swish it has adopted a catalytic converter, so scooter must use fuel with Euro3 standards. With a 125 cc engine, the scooter will strengthen Suzuki motorcycle market in India.

Suzuki Swish 125 apparently possessed a capable speed, and can run up to a maximum speed of 90 km / hour with fuel consumption of up to 50 km with 1 liter of oil.
Suzuki Swish 125 different from Nex 125, Suzuki Swish use lighting in shells. While Suzuki Nex beacon under the body shell or a place in the front and side by side with the turn signal.
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  1. The new Suzuki Swish is come to the market for all those things that the Access did not offer. It is an awesome scooter launched by Suzuki. It has lots of features. It is designed to a more youthful and stylish audience.
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