Saturday, February 18, 2012

ER6N 2012, Motorcycle Is Right In Any Field

ER6N 2012, Motor Is Right In Any Field-In the past month after launching, Kawasaki gender ER6N 2012 with the big motor (MOGE) using a 650 cc engine capacity, is perfect in all fields.
ER6N 2012 most users have a positive impression, though more often used touring. Clutch and front brake lever is adjustable within the game itself. Live swivel and adjust the length of your fingers.
Sitting on the seats makes surprise. Seat height is only 805 mm makes it convenient Asia riders who generally have poor posture height, the rider with 165 cm height alone does not have to tiptoe. Moreover, a higher, more comfortable.
Although ER 6N 2012 is suitable for the south east asia, but the British newspaper 'The Telegraph' strip length on this 2012 ER6N moge Kawasaki. Not surprisingly, this Kawasaki moge well in Europe. What is clear, but the wide padded seats, so make driving more comfortable alone or berbocengan far as the road. Seat design made thin at the sides, making the legs are not too ngangkang. Typical high handlebar touring bike and not too wide to be more relaxed sitting position, so that the rider more confidence when a traffic jam and dark-skid maneuver. This suspension is sustained ER-6N 2012 a deliberately uncomfortable, and feels soft sokbraker back, but can be set harder.


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