Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saving Fuel With Yamaha Mixture Jet Fi Technology

Saving Fuel With Yamaha  Mixture Jet  Fi Technology ... Archieving a fuel consumption Yamaha Mio J of 61.5 km per liter, this ... thanks to the role of Saving Fuel With Yamaha  Mixture Jet  Fi Technology.! By design, the throttle body was found two valvez throttle ... throttle upstream and downstream the throttle ...! Both of these valvez throttle begins to open when the throttle is open 10 degrees ...!At idle ... or even in the open less than 10 degrees, ... then the upstream open throttle ... and the air will flow through the water assists passage through the intake manifold ... no ...! Meanwhile, if the throttle is opened more than 10 degrees then the downstream throttle starts to open ... and the air will pass through the intake manifold ...! that has been shot on J's Yamaha Mio ... is the second generation of its ... The difference lies in the second-generation air intake directed at the wall ... plus a new generation of injector pressure is 324 kPa to achieve a fine mist ... be ...! The effect is more 
complete combustion ... so that more fuel efficient and not much is wasted in vain ...!

Yamaha  Mixture Jet  Fi Technology itself consists of many interconnected components ... first, where the fuel pump on the latest version of its high pressure 324 kpa ...! Then there is the fuel injector that has 4 holes ... relatively little in comparison with Vixion have 6 holes ...! There is another Modulated Air Quantity Sensor (MAQS) in charge of analyzing the air entering the intake manifold ...! If the carefully carefully, There are many other supporting components such as O2 sensor, Idle Speed ​​Control, Crank Angle Sensor, Engine Temperature Sensor and ECU ...!Last, ... Yamaha  Mixture Jet  Fi Technology(YMJet-Fi) was first implemented on a Yamaha scooter Fiore ...! Yamaha factory in Thailand alone dared to claim up to 55.7 km per liter in Indonesia ... 52 km / liter with variable speed ...! this time in Thailand ... YMJet-Fi has been implemented at Fino, Mio 125, Nuovo Elegance and ... Injection Spark! may be useful in the chewing gum and please ..
Saving Fuel With Yamaha  Mixture Jet  Fi Technology

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