Thursday, April 5, 2012

Secrets Injection System Honda PGM FI

Secrets Injection System Honda PGM FI-To prioritize the current Honda motorcycle technology PGMFI for small cc capacity, is important to be underlined that we are discussing here is for a small cc bike, it may be different from the injection system of a large cc motorcycles. Okeh's start. . . In General Scheme Injection PGM Fi system for small cc Honda Motor air such as PGM FI Step 4 is almost similar to the injection system Honda PGM Fi cc of air. To that end, please note the diagram below ..!. Honda is committed by the efficiency of multiple sensors. 
Secrets Injection System Honda PGM FI-Such as the MAP Sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure) which serves as a detector of intake manifold vacuum conditions as well as compression-decompression step detection, the sensor is removed and the switch task by optimizing the ECM (ECU) detects the compression process when the rotation speed slowed Via crankshaft Crankshaft Sensor Position Sensor (CKP).One else is lost in the injection system is the IAT sensor (Intake Air Temperature) and IACV (iddle Air Control Valve). IAT is a sensor that is used to determine the temperature of intake air into manipold, the colder the air temperature the greater the voltage that is sent to the ECU, so that supply fuel to the injectors are also getting bigger. The absence of the honda sensor is replaced by the task with the task of optimizing your O2 sensor in the system Close Loop. . . 
Have a friend "motorcycleEXCLUSIVE" confused with the above technical terms? PGM Fi ... basically in a small cc bike sensor work any savings. . . some of the sensor is reduced and its work transferred to other sensor according to Honda, CMIIWWhat is its value? Secrets Injection System Honda PGM FI The first is Costnya be lower for sure. The second is buried ECU control module ACG starter, so that we can find a Honda scooter can distarter almost without a word. And furthermore the application is an application Iddling stop system that could provide more value at the rate of fuel konsumesi. . but unfortunately in Skutik entry level and mid-end are not applied he he he. . .


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