Friday, April 6, 2012

Bobby Petrino Motorcycle Accident

Bobby Petrino Motorcycle Accident-This event came as a surprise in their natural state, comes to an end suddenly and surprisingly in Arkansas.
Cuit Razorbacks coach has taken salaries are paid on a Thursday night for less than seven hours after his boss, athletic director Jeff Long, learn Petrino has failed to disclose he had been up with women half his age employees when his motorcycle skidded off the road over the weekend.
Petrino said he was worried about protecting his family and keep "inappropriate relationship from becoming public."
Bobby Petrino Motorcycle Accident-This is an amazing peristiw for a very successful coach who prides himself, he has been able to maintain strict privacy in his personal life. Petrino will now awaiting his fate while the length of their investigations.Bobby Petrino signed a new seven-year contract in December 2010 after completing three regular season at Arkansas. Contract, which for an average of $ 3,530,000 per year, has a clause in it that would allow Arkansas to dismiss Petrino to "engage in conduct, as solely determined by the university, which is clearly contrary to the character and responsibility of a person occupying the position head football coach or a negative or adversely affect the reputation of (college) athletic program in any way. "
The police report said Bobby Petrino rode with Dorrell when he lost control of his motorcycle. Dorrell said in the report that he was not sure what caused the accident, she recalled Petrino could not maneuver a turn and lay the bike down while sliding the left side of a rural, two-lane highway about 20 miles southeast of Fayetteville.
Bobby Petrino Motorcycle Accident Petrino said in the report that the wind and the sun caused the accident. The police report said Petrino and Dorrell picked up by a passerby to the intersection in southeast Fayetteville, where a police state to take Petrino to the hospital.


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