Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yamaha Immediate Release TTX in Thailand and the reason was

Yamaha Immediate Release TTX in Thailand and the reason was-After the appearance of  yamaha TTX 115i  emerging, "motorcycle exclusive" alleged that Yamaha Thailand will be confused because of it, after we mengkonfirmasikanya, turned out to Yamaha Thailand will soon release a new product, which in the annunciator as Yamaha TTX 115i will be released March 28 2012 next week.

The fundamental reason Yamaha TTX is not marketed in Indonesia, because the country is less suitable character, the Yamaha Mio Soul GT believes are suitable for the terrain in Indonesia.Untuk Thailand Motor scooter-styled streetfighter supermotad interest even in this very sense. .. please check. . . in Thailand that KSR is purchasing loads. . . , CMIIW

Regarding the appearance of TTX Yamaha? Please see some pictures of "MOTORCYCLE EXCLUSIVE" can be from one of the two-wheeled Thaialnd forum. TTX into the extreme scooter Crossover in design, CMIIW. Taglinenya Technology, Trendy, Exciting. . . may be obtained from the technologi-ForgedPiston YMJetFI, Diasil cylinder. . . Trendy as unique angled design of very young children. . . Please be shared and hopefully useful


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