Friday, March 23, 2012

The body of the World's Fastest Motorcycle

The body of the World's Fastest Motorcycle-It turned out to be not only a record of motorsport in the world's fastest, now there are also motorcycle carrier body has broken the world record.
Previously, the motor carrier remains the fastest in the world is held by a motor that uses the body of Triumph Rocket III with a capacity of 2.3 liter three-cylinder managed to score a Guinness World Record in 2011 as "the fastest motorcycle Hearse '.

The record was inscribed by a monk named Ray Biddis as he sped when riding a motorcycle's body until it reaches 114mph.
But just a year interval, break the record again on a motor that uses Suzuki Hayabusa bodies appear more quickly.
Reported by motorcycle, just as the previous record, this record-breaking motorcycle riders were also religious leaders that a priest named Paul Sinclair who has a greeting Faster Pastor. Pastor Paul is the founder of Motorcycle Funerals Ltd in the UK.
To prove his speed, this priest was making a video that shows how fast he ran with the "motor of the world's fastest corpse" of his concoction. Motor body is painted black with a box placed beside the body of the motor.
In the video, the priest claims that "t
the fastest motorcycle Hearse" is capable of running up to 115.2 mph to 117.6 mph, or about 185.3 km / hr to 189.2 km / h.
Name of the Father alone is not a foreign body in the world of high-speed motorcycles in 2002 after a record remains the fastest bike with Triumph Speed ​​Triple and in 2004 with a Suzuki Hayabusa.

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  1. A new Guinness World Record for fastest motorcycle hearse was set on May 19th 2013 by Rev Paul Sinclair when his Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle hearse reached 126.6mph at Elvington. Rev Paul, known as the Faster Pastor, set the first world record in 2002. Video:



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