Thursday, March 8, 2012

Manufacturers Refuse Rules Team MotoGP 2013

The factory teams are still competing in MotoGP is about to finalize their proposals for the 2013 season. It happened after a meeting Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers Association (MSMA) last week, during the official pre-season test in Sepang, Malaysia.Hal that form the cause of MotoGP factory team refused to rule 2013.
The factory team will make a final proposal, which aims to cut costs while maintaining the technical appeal of the official MotoGP test at the third. The third test is also the last pre-season test will take place didi Jerez, March 23-25."We work with an open mind to give us suggestions to Dorna and the FIM. After that they will determine what kind of rules for the future, "said Filippo Preziosi, Ducati Corse General Manager, at Sepang.
"We're trying to make a compromise between cost and benefit championship. What is important is that the rules are fair and a good show."
Preziosi, such as senior figures in the Honda and Yamaha, declined to give details about the proposal MSMA detail. That its core contains a MotoGP factory team refused to rule 2013
"I can not tell the details, but I think we have a reasonable idea," said HRC Executive Vice President Shuhei Nakamoto.
Although not specific, it is possible to infer some of the "rejection" indicates the factory teams have a concern for MotoGP 2013.
Rejection of the first 2013 MotoGP rule: No radical redesign.
"If we really change the rules, we must create a new machine, which means a huge cost," said Nakamoto.
2013 MotoGP rejection of the 2nd rule: No freeze on development.
"Cost reduction is an important issue," said Masahiko Nakajima, General Manager of Yamaha Motorsport Development Division.
"But if there is a construction freeze-like you should continue to use the spec engine end of the 2012 season for three years (similar to F1)-it is not interested in the MotoGP Yamaha.
"We went racing to introduce new technologies and then provide feedback to the production of motorcycle technology. For us, racing is a real laboratory."
Rejection of the 2013 MotoGP rule-3: There is no limit specification revision or ECU (Electronic Control Unit)?
"To be sure, has no boundary revisions and electronics-free, two very important (for plants). But on the other hand, we must find ways to keep costs under control," explained Preziosi.
For the 2012 season, which is the prime engine of 1,000 cc era, there will be 12 motor manufacturer-four of the factory teams, plus nine-privateer machine that uses rules to a new category of "Claiming Rule Teams". Jerez, March 23-25.How is the attitude of the rejection rule FIM MotoGP 2013? We wait for the latest review of "Motorcycle Exclusive", please in chewing gum


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