Friday, March 9, 2012

Characteristic feature of Smart Injection Machine

Characteristic feature of Smart Injection Machine-Currently more vigorous onslaught of the injection machine. . . all manufacturers are already taking off to square with the same injection into the era. some manufacturers have started to initiate the production of injection model line up some of his motorcycle. However, the future consumers will attempt to select a motor which is the best injection and Ter-value. . . Trident Value remember it was built three interrelated variables. . . Price, Quality and Aftersales. . . For now we'll talk about quality issues. .
 Talk injection, this system is the Smart System. . . Why smart? . . . Machines made by a human being. . . there is a taste sensor, there is a brain Ecu assessment / measurement / decision makers to do the job eksektor. . . How to choose a "smart injection engine" ...?  
Well,,, what the future may be a reference to the Consumer has the most berkualias product? one of which is "select the injection system's smartest" among the choices. Smart injection system you can see from "the sensor" that the system has. For example, the sensor pressure / humidity ambient temperature. . . pressure in the lowlands and highlands is different.  
Characteristic feature of Smart Injection Machine-Products currently has a vehicle injection pressure sensor when brought up to the top of the mountain will be able to provide information to the ECU will a formula blends the proper burning, efficient, and perfectly fit the existing pressure dipuncak mountain. . . whereas injection system for vehicles that do not have the pressure sensor, the ECU will 'equalize' setting fires in lowland and highland. . . the result? incomplete combustion, emissions are less good. .. The most feared riders in adalaha become more extravagant. . .  
More and more amazing developments in technology, including "smart Sistem injection machine" and may be useful in the chewing gum please


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