Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lambretta be Reborn 2012

Make all your friends who really like the classic Vespa may not be familiar with the Lambretta scooter. . . These types of scooters section has some characteristic that is the back of a length. . . make friends with all who miss this bike, there is exciting news to all your friends will see Lambretta allegedly reborn in other words to be released back to September 2012 a new version later. .. We have provided a picture picture
New Lambretta will be released in two variants LT and LJ. . . Both variants will be holding 2tak 50 cc engine and 4 stroke, 4 stroke 125 cc and 150 cc 4 stroke. . . LT variant is characterized by the lamp headlamp on the handlebars while the shell has a light variant of the LF headlamp in tebeng. . . the middle of the back, as well as variants of Vespa. . . the same common
New aura that appears in the new Lambretta is the use of front disc brake, turn signal from the LED, separate seat with uptodate design and use of the CVT engine. . . but if your friends all melihatt still use the rear brake drum brake (drum). . . confirm the still air-cooled engine and still karburator


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