Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BMW Wheels Automotive World kicked off with the C600 and C650 TWO

BMW again kicked off two-wheeled automotive world with the release of two "maxi-scooter 'in the event the annual motor show EICMA Motorcycle Expo 2011 through the modelsC650 and C600 Sport GTand manufacturers based in the city of Berlin has released a video of the birth of the'maxi-scooter 'is .
On release from the page Twowheelsblog, model C600 andC650 Sport GT was developed with the same platform andhas the power 60 hp649cc two-cylinder DOHC engine,having the same chassis and 15-inch rim size.
C600 Sport model is more sporty and aggressive look, idealamong young peopleBoth of these models will enter the market in 2012 and is currently the production phaseBut until now the price has not been released resmi.ikutlah our nextreview so that you do not miss


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