Thursday, October 25, 2012

KTM Duke Modifications with Ixil Silincer

Cannot [in] denying,… KTM Duke 200 representing motor which enough [is] unique… than used design until used part even also rather to be compared to differing [of] motor [at] [is] same segment …!!! Kusus To  KTM Lovers modify of course ride him wish to come up more kinclong… 
ixil silincer

naaagh [at] KTM Duke case 200 trying to be married with IXIL siencer partz…
where this product represent output from Matador Spanyol country ….!!! Besides using IXIL Silencer… also seen to use guard hand from Acerbis 
ktm duke 200 modifications

 this [is] Ixil Silencer rather unique… its for looking like like cone slash aka trumpet… special for the KTM OF Duke 200 using IXIL X55 type …!!! This Silencer [is] made from steel stainless as well as dipolish …!!! This Silencer [is] also provided with Db Killer… so that can relative weaken hard voice which yielded …!!! To KTM Duke owner 200… besides can use IXIL X55 can also use L3X type which in form of hyperflow dual 

 Last,… besides IXIL silencer… [at] KTM Duke motor 200 also use handguard from Acerbis… yaaagh besides more safety also motor will come up more style… and as according to ' theme' KTM Duke 200 …!!! Modification rest use various striping… adapted for [by] [is] motor colour …!!! Idea modify as examplizeing above… just earning applied [by] [at] other motor… of course aspect ' according to' also require to be reckoned …!!! Saza darling… this IXIL Silencer nope there [is] its distributor in Indonesia… most also [in] neighbouring state


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