Saturday, June 9, 2012

Video One Million "Like This" for DUCATI

Bologna, MOTORCYCLE EXCLUSIVE- While The earthquake rocked Italy, recently, it did not interfere with programs and plans Ducati. Manufacturer of large motorcycles (MOGE) of domestic celebration Pizza still hold aspirations of readers "Like" on the official page of Ducati on the social networking site Facebook, which amounted to 1 million people around the world, this is what makes MCE salute. Those who had participated were given a special video duration 2 minutes, the contents of the headquarters factory in Bologna, Italy. The concept, consumers like to visit.
Video One Million "Like This" for DUCATI-The vidio is apparent there are shown some facilities, a mini museum from the atmosphere, production lines, design, lined up some offisial Ducati accessory products. Not to forget, Ducati replacing the words "thank you" in 12 languages ​​around the world, which fit to participate in a facebook account.

Ducati fans from 20 countries, including Indonesia, which was recorded in the top six. Here are the details, Italy 278 151 people, India (113 735 persons), USA (89 430), France (49 353), Malaysia (37 789), Indonesia (36 319), Spain (29 735), Germany (25 315), English (25 102), Mexico (16 893), Greece (16 187), Thailand (14 742), Australia (14 679), Philippines (12 840), Colombia (10 413), Serbia (8696), Belgium (8542), Taiwan (8365), Canada (7950) and Brazil (7948).
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