Monday, April 2, 2012

CBR 150 The Competitive prices, with the ability Tested

CBR 150 The Competitive prices, with the ability Tested-No one denies if Honda CBR 150 looks very tempting. It looks sporty and sleek body, making motor sport is also a dream of every person and,,,,

After the admin "motorcycle exclusive" try to feel the performance of CBR 150 Repsol Edition. Riding potition bending characteristic of motor sport was immediately presented when sitting and holding the handle bars.

First Impression when riding a CBR 150 feels like it was Casey Stoner. Naturally, for striping bike ride was inspired by the Honda RC212V Repsol Honda team rider who won the 2011 MotoGP ago.
 CBR 150 Price

Each stop at red lights or place "admin motorcycle exclusive" flown, all eyes were fixed on this bike. Dominated by a striking orange color makes this bike so clear terlihat.beberapa people the chance to ask questions "How many cc bike? Costs how much?" asked users of the road at the red light. For information than Repsol Honda CBR 150R is priced $ 4250.

When wading through the capital, congestion was inevitable. However Repsol CBR 150R is able to offer comfort. When the conditions are on the crowded smoothly, handling motor is admirable. Because the motor is easily controlled when invited to "hysterical-slippage" between the cars.

Something worthy of pity is the mirror, in bad condition, CBR 150R just does not get through the narrow gap between the cars, because the mirror is too long stalk. To get through it, must be bent into the rearview mirror with the risk of losing its function.

CBR 150 Price ,When crossing the road is straight and quiet, CBR 150 can provide satisfaction for lovers of speed. Initial traction motor is quite aggressive although it was rather slow. This could be due to the use of front and rear gear ratio 15/44. But when I entered middle rounds you get ready just taken away. To reach the number 120 kph, CBR 150R Repsol easily reach it.

Honda CBR 150R equipped with single cylinder DOHC 4-valve equipped with a liquid cooling Fan Auto. In addition to using a six-speed transmission system is also equipped motorcycle fuel supply PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) works to meet exhaust emission standards Euro2. This machine is capable of producing power 13.1 Kw at 10,500 rpm and 26.66 Nm torque at 8500 rpm.

By flashing lights that can illuminate the object as far as 15 meters ahead. ... Will make you feel comfortable when you are driving at night. CBR 150 The Competitive prices, with the ability Tested


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