Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yamaha T-Max rider, Chain Killer in France

Yamaha T-Max rider, Chain Killer in France-France again rocked brutal shooting. Motive of the shooter at a Jewish school in the city of Toulouse is still mysterious.
Today, the French authorities believe the perpetrator is to drive these motors are the same in the two previous shooting incidents in the region. The man who has so far continued to be hunted, last week shot and killed three French soldiers in two separate incidents in quotation . "motorcycle exclusive" from the AFP news agency on Tuesday (3/20/2012
The first shooting incident occurred on March 11 when an armed man who boarded motorcycle shot dead a soldier in civilian clothes in the city of Toulouse. Then on March 15, a man driving motorcycle shot and killed two French soldiers, this time in uniform, in the city of Montauban, located about 46 kilometers from the city of Toulouse.

Furthermore, on Monday, March 19 yesterday, the same motorcycle (Yamaha T-Max) used actors in the brutal shooting in front of a Jewish school, Ozar HaTorah, also in the city of Toulouse. Three children and a teacher was 30 years old were killed in the incident.
French authorities have linked the shootings at a Jewish school with three soldiers before the shooting. This raised fears that a serial killer roaming the area.
French police said the attack was the third rider of a Yamaha T-MAX 500. Perpetrators also use a 45 caliber firearm.
All very convincing is the third victim of the attack also came from ethnic minorities in France. The last school shooting victims were Jews, as the three soldiers killed a North African descent. Another soldier who was also a victim of the shooting and is currently still in a state of self sadrkan the Caribbean descent.
According to expert Stephane Bourgoin crime, if the offender is not arrested soon, he would strike again.
"If he is not stopped, he would do it again, that's for sure. But this kind of hard to find the killer because he had no connection with his victims," ​​said Bourgoin.

For this incident, the security of France was increased. Operation massive hunt was launched to find the biker guy Yamaha T-Max spreader is death.


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