Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The New Yamaha Vi-Xion Use"Close Loop System"

The New Yamaha Vi-Xion Use"Close Loop System"-Have long felt "exclusive motorcycle" does not write, on this occasion we would peel about "" the friend 'exclusive motorcycle "would wonder whether the" Close Loop System "that is in use on" The NewYamaha Vi-Xion willl be equal to the in use on the Yamaha YZF R 125 ...??
From the figure above shows there is something that is binding on the neck of the exhaust Yamaha YZF R125. . after the manifold,,,,. for it is indeed true. . . O2 sensor which is one important part Close Loop systems are generally placed after the manifold and in place before the "Catalitic Converter". . . for what? . . . if it goes after Kat-kon the O2 sensor readings be futile. . . not the result of combustion emissions, combustion emissions namuan that has been filtered by Katkon. . . when what is needed is a condition after firing. .. too fat or too skinny. . .  whether the next Vi-Xion Close Loop will use the system?? . . . let's wait a while please chew chew snacks are available. . may be useful


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