Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to safely care for Harley Davidson

How to safely care for Harley Davidson-Harley Davidson motorcycle owners are required to determine treatment. If you want to live a long and beloved motorcycle remains in prime condition, routine maintenance should be performed.

Harley Davidson in the care of some things to consider, among other tires, air pressure, battery, carburetor, engine oil and spark plugs. This section is paramount if you want to remain alert when you want to use at any time.

"How to care for Harley Davidson" for safe use, including if you want to travel long distances, Harley motorcycle tires must be replaced when the depth of the tire maximum rate 2/32 (measured using Deep Treat). If there is still a small leak can be repaired, should be replaced.

Wind pressure must also be considered. For the standard, the wind pressure 16-36 PSI front and rear tires 19 or 21-30 PSI.

If the condition after the service, then the maximum recommended speed of 80 kilometers per hour maximum within 24 hours. The goal for the engine and other components are not surprised. Once that stage is completed, please choose a suitable speed balls.

"How to safely care for Harley Davidson" you should consider is the battery. try the battery is clean, with jelly battery (new battery) charged depending on the voltage


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