Friday, March 30, 2012

The advantages and Disadvantages of the Ducati 620

The advantages and Disadvantages of the Ducati 620-Overall verdict
Ducati 620 and the engine always use cosmetic update of the long running SS family of sports-retro Ducati. For business sales, Ducati Sport 620 was never sold in large quantities and are offered in a long time, is to create the impression of stumbling.

Ducati 620 Sport has the power to the guarantee can make the owner happy. Fuel injection and a little larger capacity makes it more alive than the throaty Ducati 66SS. Unfortunately the competition is stiff in this sector -
Ride and Handling

Ducati 620 has a shape that Sporty fun in the bouncy, jumpy way. The suspension is not as sophisticated as a motorcycle greater capacity in the family Super Sport Ducati 620 Sport Ducati but still drive cleanly on a smooth road and track. Twin front discs are a big improvement over previous 600SS model.

According to the "motorcycle exclusive " It's not a huge amount but the Ducati 620 Sport is a minimalist retro sport bike, so what do you expect? The position is less comfortable ride than many pure motor sport is disappointing. A half-faired version of the Ducati 620 Sport available and cost £ 5,000 when new - fully faired bike is £ 5250.
Quality and Reliability

Ducati 620 sport was less when compared with the most modern Ducati. A common electrical gremlins - starter circuit which seems to be very susceptible to problems. Problems with the trim and fit quite often with the Ducati 620 Sport as well. The main engine disasters seem thankfully rare and this is an easy bike to work on.
Top speed 125mph
1/4-mile acceleration 13.2 seconds
60bhp power
Torque 40ftlb
Weight 182kg
Seat height 815mm
Fuel capacity 16 liters
Average fuel consumption 43mpg
Tank range 150 miles
Insurance group 11
Engine size of 618cc
Specification 4v V-twin engine, 5 gears
Steel trellis frame
Front suspension adjustment None
Rear suspension adjustment Preload
Twin 320mm front brake discs
245mm rear disc brakes
Front tire size 120/70 x 17
Rear tire size 160/60 x 17
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