Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spy Shot New Minerva

Spy Shot New Minerva-After seeing the images on upload Rahmat mulyono through networking twitter, send him pictures of the front looks a Picture of the front of the motorcycle he was sent notification that is: The appearance of new 250cc naked in a Minerva dealer in Jatikramat Bekasi. Was the road test
LHA after one looks closely at the front headlamp is turned Picture very signaled a picture similar to that used to circulate, use your 150cc engine, instead of 250 cc. . . Which is it?

Regarding Prospective new motor street bike is nex Minerva, Kris has been revealed long as you can read in the article Open Aperture About Info Next New Minerva Joint Pak Kristianto Goenadi. . . Kris says in the article that the motor is planned to be used, new chassis, but still with the same engine with Minerva R150VX. . . Please chew gum Spy Shot New Minerva MCEblog friends and hopefully useful


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