Thursday, February 9, 2012

sophisticated suspension from Ohlins

Who does not know the name of the Ohlins? Ohlins suspension as a manufacturer of quality no doubt. The Swedish manufacturer has a high-performance products that have been used by various vehicles such as motorcycles, cars and ATV.

As quoted from, Monday (1/23/2012) development continues to be improved in order to produce a suspension that has the best performance. Recently the manufacturer, based in Stockholm offers a smart suspension system equipped aftermarket Electronically Controlled (EC).

The latest technology and terccanggih used in this suspension is the result of technological development ESA II, introduced in 2008. Ohlins suspension claims that it has the advantage that can improve performance when handling and maneuvering of vehicles.

Latest from Ohlins suspension is intended for BMW R1200GS two models and the Kawasaki ZX-10R. However, the Ohlins still continue to develop products that can be adopted by other sportbike.

For BMW R1200GS offered Ohlins suspension is the TTX 670 BM-EC. The suspension has been equipped with the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to adjust the rebound damping via two valves and two-piston in a shock. There are also a function EC Smart adjust the suspension based on the reflection of the speed.

When the motor drive 50 mph below the speed of the suspension using a normal mode. But when the speed increases until it reaches 75 mph it will automatically move into sport mode.

As for the Kawasaki ZX-10R Mk TTX36 IIEC has been prepared. Technically clever suspension performance is similar to the TTX 670 BM-EC is used BMW R1200GS. The difference, in this suspension are pre-program feature that allows users to choose the damping motor in accordance with the wishes. To facilitate the process of 'tuning', these control devices are placed on the control wheel.


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