Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Limited supplies and cause GW250

Limited supplies and cause GW250-Due to the lack of import Kouta, Suzuki Indomobil Sales rumored to be selling only 200 units of Suzuki GW250 in the first phase of this in because ini.hal still lack a national market demand for motorcycles above 250 cc engine.
  Market in the 250cc class is still small. Suzuki .... Maybe it's better to focus on models that form the backbone of sales,

  MCEblog estimate GW250 consumers will come from the owners of Yamaha and Honda Tiger who wants to ride the class. ... "For those who have been touring like activity, and was tired of wearing Scorpio and Tiger will certainly looked GW250 because the larger engine.

  For overcome the lack of inventory GW250, Suzuki promises to increase the volume of imports of these products if it later turned out to consumers on the motor response was great.
GW250 entry into Indonesia have encouraged other countries in Asean motor assemblies come to market Suzuki Motorcycle Co. Changzhou Haojue., Ltd. (China), such as Thailand and Malaysia.
From the data in the receive MCEblog, GW250 Suzuki plans to initiate a public debut in Indonesia at the Jakarta Fair 2012 (Jakarta Fair) in Kemayoran, Jakarta which will take place next June.
To overcome the lack of inventory GW250, whether Suzuki will add to the quota? Sikahkah continue to see the latest info from MCEblog,,,,, just in chewing gum
Limited supplies and cause GW250


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