Sunday, February 12, 2012

Honda Vario 125 Ready to Fight Has Yamaha Xeon

After the Honda factory in the Black barrage by the Yamaha factory ... in scooter segment was not silent now, it's time to act Hond ...! And poorer buzzing news will include Honda,HondaVario 125 ... and to counterattack the Yamaha factory ... contra strategy is in the need to 'echo' attack Yamaha factory'm not too swift flowing ...! MCE blog also predicts that after the euphoria subsides somewhat Yamaha Mio Fino ... after that turn red wing manufacturers take action to return ...! Is the expected price of this bike ... because the motor is intended to silence Yamaha Xeon.
Honda Motor Skutik Vario 125 is the PGM-Fi injection technology provides many features ... tempting ...! In addition to standard SKS, SSS, seat opener, Honda Vario 125 is also equipped with alternator starter plus a helmet in the U-box ...! If Yamaha Xeon priced around Rp. 15.900.000i ... it is most likely a Honda Vario 125cc scooter would not be far below the plus minus Rp. 16 million ...!
Is Honda Vario 125 beat yamaha xeon? We wait for a review of MCEblog, and please share and the commentary? We wait for a review of MCEblog, and please share and the commentary
vidio of Honda Vario 125:


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