Thursday, February 16, 2012

Honda Crosstourer 1200 Toughest Opponent For the BMW GS 1200

Honda Crosstourer 1200 Toughest Opponent For the BMW GS 1200-Well, ... When discussing the two functions is inviting motor sensation ... is like a motor bike 'super' can hit a variety of terrain and are often used by the travelers ...! In the discussion,BMW quite famous BMW GS 1200   ...  
then comes the Ducati Multistrada ... and Honda also came too ... with
Honda Crosstourer 1200  champion ...!

  Motor is sophisticated enough ... Honda Crosstourer 1200  was equipped with a 1237cc V4 engine, liquid cooled engine capable of removing power of 130HP at 7750 RPM and maximum torque of 126Nm at 6500 RPM ...! This motor is equipped with a dual clutch system ... and has 3 modes of operation ... be the first manual, and both can be automatic ...! That there are two automatic modes, mode D (drive) to poor road conditions ... and mode S (Sport) mode for the sportz.
Honda Crosstourer 1200  uses aluminum twin spar chassis diamond, and have been using PGM-FI injection ...! Its use shaft final drive ... much like BMW ...! Fuel consumption is quite economical to 16 km per liter, tank capacity reaches 21.5 literz ...! In Honda Crosstourer 1200  brake parts have been using the Honda Combined ABS ... ABS technology ...!
then, ... this is indeed a high motor ... with a seat height of 85cm ... hahahah short Pasty will not be hanging up his leg ... hihihihkz ....!
Honda Crosstourer 1200  weight n also about 275 pounds ... enough! With that much weight, power is quite large, 3 modes of operation, dual clutch, ABS technology ... this bike is cool on the street ...! And Honda Crosstourer 1200 Toughest Opponent For the BMW GS 1200


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