Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Efficient, Fast and Cool, So Can One?

I am reminded of Mc Gyyer weapon, if ME friend know Swiss army knife?. Fold the Swiss army knife small knife known as a versatile tool that saves a lot of useful tools such as knives, screwdrivers, scissors, bottle opener etc.. . . hmmm .. a knife for many funsi. . . MEblog like swiss army knife menganalogikakan into the realm of two wheels. . . Motor Pusai Swiss Army style. . . If arguably the all-order Motor. .. Yes it is economical, can be fast, can fit a lot of baggage, too cool, dual purpose, hi-tech etc etc. . . Should Motor PaluGada style like this?
Until now it was MEblog not find a single motor that meets the ideal standards of Swiss Army knives PaluGada like this. . . For example, Mio J own, Own Mission Efficient and Fast. . . namuan MEblog second point of this tag can not be obtained by way of concurrent or simultaneous. . . Yamaha Mio J himself has said could be invited economical to 70 km / liter when taken constant 30 km / h. . . 30 km is said to loud? Not so well right? . . . so this has not simultaneous. . . so, it Tagnya J Wise Mio is not invited to be economical, taut also be invited

as well as Suzuki and Honda spacy Nex. ..
This motor bike can only be obtained with a label that is more familiar to us as the "Terms and conditions apply". . . according MEblog, the most surefire way fuel consumption is tested at maximum use, as in driving at high speed and when used with a combination of speed. . . all tested simultaneously by the agency / individual who has no interest / relationship with the manufacturer. .. please share. . . hopefully Useful


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