Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brutus Electric Motorcycles Motorcycle Showcases the newes,

Brutus Electric Motorcycle electric motor genre releases'cruiser' or bike explorer who is still in the prototype stage.
Quoted from page Twowheelsblog, Brutus 2.0 using theorder type of trellis, DC machines, old motorcycle fender styleand equipped with 5-speed transmission.
Output motor manufacturers from the United States has a weight of 243 kg and in terms of performance was not toobad for an electric motor segment.
According to the designer of Brutus Electric Motorcycle isChris Bell explained that this bike has a feature on the 'fish' speed, it took only 4.7 seconds to break a speed of 60 mphor about 96 km / hour. While its top speed alone canpenetrate approximately 100 mph or 160 km / hour.
In the braking, Brutus Electric Motorcycle uses two discsequipped with the 6 piston calipers for the front brakes andsingle disc rear brake operated by a brake lever mounted on the handlebar and pedals,


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