Friday, December 30, 2011

New Bajaj Pulsar 2012 Circulating

New Bajaj Pulsar 2012 Circulating-Friends of MCE, Via carsAndBike, New Bajaj Pulsar 2012 re-detected its existence. .. motor that was allegedly not going to be showcased at the Delhi Auto Show in January this looks indeed very significant / many changes compared to pulsars that had been circulated. . . We have analyzed the picture and get a result like this on the Bajaj Pulsar 2012:
The product uses the same engine with KTM Duke series, which means it is suppose to be refrigerated liquid. .. but whether headnya same? We still do not understand about it. .. still tentative between SOHC and DOHC and how many valves / klepnya
Monoshok with quasi GAS canister such as nitrogen
telescopic front tomorrow
Separate rear hand grip
Airscoop designed using entirely new to Pulsar. . long as Honda Dazzler / NMP. .. disnyalir Air scoop for the radiator to cover attendance
penny lamp similar to the turn signal Pulsar 135 LS
The front brake discs large design speeri Duke 125 / 2
00 and the rear brake Tromol, this could be an entry level version as Pulsar 135/150
although an entry level, this bike looks wide wheels
LED taillights but the new design
rear fender hanging like Pulsar 135
new design headlights and seemed to use the projector lamp
Muffler under 125/200 engines as well as Duke and ER6n
Is the number of engine parts in common with the Duke Pulsar 125/200 2012 this was the cause of the pattern of marketing the Pulsar and KTM Duke 200 done separately? . .. but it is minimal with this 2012 pulsars least his riders can feel the aura of the Duke, although not riding possitionnya aura. Duke has possition and ergonomics supermoto riding Bajaj Pulsar 2012 while referring more to streetbike. . . please comment and hopefully Useful


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