Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Ducati USA" Selling merchandise Rossi

Ducati USA recently issued a product merchandising Rossi-Ducati as Valentino Rossi's D46, which is a replica of Valentino Rossi apparel collection in writing  racing number belongs to "The Doctor" is 46.

Apparel collection replica of Valentino Rossi D46's official website posted on the online store in Ducati USA site that includes a collection of t-shirts, polo shirts, Hooded sweershirt and hats.
Collection cheapest replica of Valentino Rossi apparel D46 in the tag of 29 dollars and most expensive collection at a price tag of 89 dollars.

If you see her glance, this motor design is similar to the typical colors of fast food restaurants based in the town of Oak Brook, Illinois, USA but whatever it is for fans of Valentino Rossi's definitely not going to miss her to collect the merchandising of team-based manufacturer in Borgo Panigale, Bologna, Italy
I am sure will be successful 

"Ducati USA" Selling merchandise Rossi


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